Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Short Summer

Well I have finally graduated RIT with a B.S. in Computer Science. It's bitter sweet to see school come to a close. Glad to be done with classes and grades, but sad to leave Foss@RIT and the Innovation Center. I feel that they are just starting to take off after a slow but steady start.

After a good week off in Jamaica with the family, I got back and was immediately going through a series of interviews. After a couple of weeks of interviews, I have finally received a job offer with Verizon Wireless as a Member-Applications Staff. The position will be in New Jersey. I am scheduled to start in Mid-July.

New Symposium Registration System

Other exciting news, I have decided to rewrite my old symposium registration system I wrote for the Innovation Center. The old system was a last minute request with a two day deadline. It served its purpose, a little clunky, but worked. I was then requested to add the ability to add support for multiple symposiums with less then a week deadline when the next symposium came up.

Because of this the code was very poor and held together with quick and messy hacks, I figured I should leave the center with a much better and more complete system. So I decided to spend a few days between all the interviews to do a re-write. Like the old system, the new one is written in web2py. You can find a copy Licensed under GPLv3 on git hub.

Here is a list of some of it's features:
  • User Accounts
    • Email Verification
    • Profiles (new)
  • Symposium Management (new interface)
    • Registration period
    • Event Date
    • Papers registered to each symposium
    • Scheduling Agenda (new interface)
  • Papers
    • Authors
    • Mentors
    • Title
    • Description
    • File
    • Review Process (new)

This system should help out with managing symposiums. The new system supports multiple symposiums as well as a review process which is hopefully a nice improvement over the old system.

I also wrote an Inventory system a while back that is also available under GPLv3 on git hub as well.

Well I got a few more weeks of summer before I start my new Career. More information to come!

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