Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Class 10/26/10

The students has a Quiz this class. And after that they were given the rest of the class period to test some of the Open Hatch Missions.

I don't think they were productive as I personally would have liked due to the lab we are in is running windows machines and the missions are targeted towards linux based systems. The machines had the tools needed, but no one knew how to use the tools. I really should try to learn how to run patches in windows sometime. The tar mission is pretty easy in linux and windows, you can use a terminal or use the gui tools available. In mac this was problematic as the open hatch mission system was saying the tar file uploaded by the user was invalid (this is because of the hidden files mac was adding to the directory before it was bundled into the tar).

The patching was problematic for our windows user as no one could figure out the patch program the lab machines had installed.

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