Thursday, September 23, 2010

Class: 09/23/10


This course will introduce students to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Content movements, the open source development process, the ways in which OS IP is integrating with the profit sector, the design of educational materials for K-12 students and their teachers, and to the open questions of the efficacy of technology in the classroom.
Students will learn FOSS process and Tools with class projects that support the One Laptop Per Child community by creating educational content and software for free distribution to students and teachers around the world. The OLPC project is driven by a world-wide community.
For this course students will be expected to attend and make final presentations to the RIT and Rochester FOSS communities via the monthly Pythonistas meetings, which you will attend in-lieu of a classroom day 2-3 times in the quarter as calendars of both the class and the Pythonistas allow. Students will also become members of the Sugar and OLPC international communities. Local FOSS community members may join us in class sessions as well. Treat them as you would another instructor, but they’re also your peers in moving this innovative project forward.
Source: The Course Syllabus

For more, see the RIT page on Teaching Open Source


We have set up a Planet for the course where all our students are required and encouraged to post their experiences and work in the open community.


Our project list has been posted, so here it is.

IRC Meeting

Our class uses #rit-innovation on freenode.

We will try to keep some notes in irc, it should hopefully improve in future logs.

Meeting ended Thu Sep 23 15:51:43 2010 UTC.

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Mel said...

+1 for the blog planet and IRC presence - this is a wonderful start for getting the class into the community! I think you folks have started to hit your stride at RIT. It's good to see. :)

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