Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Days

We are approaching the end of this summer block, trying to wrap things up. I have been jumping around a few projects lately, Fortune Hunter, my School Server, and a csi website.

Local Hackfest

We had a hackfest in Center for Student Innovation on the 4th of August. Buffalo Chicken Pizza, groove bot blasting music, and lots of coders and a few projects; It was a great time.

Fortune hunter team spent the day adding some touches to the animation engine. By the end of the hackfest I was able to merge the art team's branch into the main. Having 415 edits, only one merge conflict is quite impressive. Some minor engine changes followed in the next couple of days to return backwards compatibility with Lemonade (which is now being updated to the new animation system).

Taylor and Eric were working on the CSI web app adding the ability to link up nodes as well as a few other nice tweaks. Jon Schull and I were also helping out in the early hours of the hackfest, planning some of the features as well as going through the code with Taylor and Eric.

Civx had the whole crew plus some like Luke Macken coding away. One of the tasks for Nate was adding javascript scraping.

Upcoming Research Symposium

Well we have all been really busy preparing for our Research Papers, Posters, and Presentations for RIT's Undergraduate Research Symposium that is being held on August 13th.

The two fortune hunter groups have decided to have one poster and one presentation that will each cover both topics.


We have been doing a lot of things on our infrastructure side. We got our three sugarlabs servers up and they just need some configuration and we will be hosting a sugar activities mirror.

I have also been busy working on our own hosted system. We have our own trac and git repositories hosed on schoolserver. We even have a club here at RIT testing out the system. So hopefully this will be the start of a very valuable resource.

We have also given Dave Silverman the task of building a new logo for FOSS @ RIT. Well Dave delivered, so here is our new logo:
FOSS @ RIT logo

Some other things I have been working on is a gitorious config script to allow easy modification of our git repos on schoolserver. My long term goal of this is to write/modify a trac plugin to allow git management from trac.

Gource Visualization

I have also been compiling a gource visualization that has all of our projects in one feed. This required me to write a script that can combine the git logs of a few git repos into one log.

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