Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lemonade Stand Counting Game

The Lemonade Stand project is almost back to/surpass its original state on the fortuneengine branch. I just got done implementing the lemonade counting mini game as well as added back the background image.

    Relevant commits (newest on top)
  • e8bef1eAdded profit calculation instead of income calculation
  • 8abf746 Added escape key to quit game
  • 180d070 Fixes bug with counting game
  • e546764 Minor tweaks
  • c33b71b Added font size flag for the xo
  • 9089014 Run on the xo?
  • 1958b37 Added width/height args
  • aa6077c Updated files
  • a883763 Removed old files
  • 58a2707 Implemented counting game

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