Monday, July 12, 2010

Game Engine and Lemonade Stand

Today I started out by fixing a bug in the game engine that caused the timer to give an inaccurate number of millisecond passed when not in animation mode (Ticket #36). I also added some more commenting to the game engine (changeset).

After that I started recoding lemonade stand so that it will eventually run using the game engine. In its current state ( and the other commit I did today) it is able to run the basic process day loop. This includes buying items (or being forced to buy as many as you can if you try to buy to much making the game more interesting), decaying the inventory, process a weather change, and a random inventory event. Next I need to to implement the simulation portion where people go and buy the items and go into a mini game.

From there I get to start working on the main gui and some of the mini games.

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