Monday, July 26, 2010

CSI 2.0 and Foss Infrastructure

Well today I spent a majority of my day working on getting the py2web framework on a public box so that others may continue the work Trose started. The major issue was the web2py framework doesn't like to allow admin access over non secure connections. This was problematic because the framework wasn't working out of the box with ssl support. The framework seems to be designed that it needs to run behind apache once it is read to go to a production server. I still didn't get it completely working, but the hack I did will have to do for now.

Other then that, I have also been working on some of our Infrastructure. Some of this involved setting up a trac instance and a git hosting server. We hope to soon have our own git and bug tracker in house. This will support projects and hopefully encourage people to start their own projects in the Center for Student Innovation.

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