Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apache + Trac + WSGI

Well today I can say I have learned more about apache's mod_wsgi, mod_perl, and mod_cgi then I was expecting. The trac system I set up was was extremely slow. This is because I set it up using apache's cgi system. Trac was running using cgi which apparently is the slowest way to run a trac instance. I was searching around for the better solution and found that using mod_wsgi is the best solution. Trac had some decent documentation that helped out with the process.

Another way to boost the speed of this trac was to only use https when sending login data. This was a challenge with the current setup of the apache server. Thankfully I found some great examples attached to a trac ticket that helped out with the process.

Other then that, I have also spiced up server's homepage. Added a some images to the home page and added a services section to show off what it is doing for us. I also set up a ZNC IRC Bouncer on the server for any of us wanted to always be on irc that don't have a server of their own.

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