Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 4 and on a roll

Today starts the new week. We are onto a good roll so far. Some good news, David Silverman was kind enough to get a new logo for Fortune Hunter (ticket 13).

Fortune Hunter Logo

I decided to do a quick task of splitting the console code out of the main engine into its own class (ticket 28). The motivation behind this was to make the engine code slightly cleaner by removing the console specific files. The new file is heavily dependent on the Game Engine, so you could argue that it is not the best idea to move it out, but it does look cleaner.

Another task I tacked today was the decoupling of the animation loop from the event loop (ticket 22). This is great, but at the moment it seems to have caused more problems then it has solved. There is an interesting bug that if the event loop is being fired as it is in a draw loop, you can get some interesting frames. So to fix that I had to implement a thread lock on the draw and event loop (ticket 29). One could argue that defeats the purpose of threading, which it does. So at the moment the threads just get by the waiting for an event to be fired, removing the need to fire a timer for animation.

On a side note created a ticket for one of our Pixel Ninja's to make us a Foss Logo for rit (ticket 4 on fossrit).

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