Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NTID Tech Symposium

Well for the past two days we have been showing off Open Video Chat and Fortune Hunter at the NTID Technical Symposium. Today Professor Stephen Jacobs, Remy DeCausemaker, and I gave a presentation entitled OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)/Sugar Video Chat Enhancements for Deaf Communication and Education. This presentation talked about the One Laptop per Child program and our Open Video Chat activity. We had one of our XO's running the activity from the presentation hall and the other from our kiosk in the other side of the building.

In the conclusion of our presentation, we had quite a number of people interested in the sugar operating system. Luckily I had installed sugar on a few live usb sticks that we were able to give out to those interested.

It has so far been a hectic week with this conference. I haven't been able to get too much coding done as I usually do. I am still working on the developer console (ticket #5) for the game engine. Now the console supports setting values to any statement that is a valid python expression by passing the string into an eval statement.

Next I have to be able to delete attributes as well as being able to list and call functions.

Another fun note: OVC made it up on boingboing.net (source seems to be from our innovation.rit.edu blog).

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