Friday, June 25, 2010

Foss-AT-RIT Update

This week has been a bit crazy, not as much on the coding front as the management side of things. I have been updating our mailing list making sure that everyone in the foss project is at least on our fossrit mailing list.

I have also been reorganizing the website. Some changes include adding customized user pages, a user list, and cleaned up some feeds and categories from the news aggregator. I have also be reorganizing the menus. Some changes include a new About Us menu and page. In this new menu I moved our History page as well as made a Trac, Mailing List, and an IRC page.

I have also been cleaning up some internal settings and modules to hopefully help the site out a bit. One useful feature I added is the ability to add a title and description to peoples blogs. So now bloggers can make a useful description to the blog to explain their project. I posted an email to our mailing list to let everyone know.

There still needs to be some work on the foss site, so I crated a ticket: Update pages.

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