Monday, June 14, 2010

Fortune Engine Dev Console Inspection

Well as we are all still busy working on our tasks. I have been busy writing a debug tool into the game engine. This is a dev console that in its current state, it can view variables and modules in the game. This will be helpful when debugging the game, no longer will I have to add in print statements and restart the game. I can simply open the console and inspect the element.

Today I added the ability to inspect attributes and follow them to new elements (change set) using the dot notation.

Inspecting the battle module

Inspecting the battle module's room variable.

Next I plan on supporting dictionary element lookup so that the developer can check the state of an element inside a dictionary or list. After that, adding a way to modify the state could be useful, but could potentially be dangerous to the games internal state. So that might require some more researching and thinking.

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