Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drawing API's and Frame rate

Today I worked on the ticket to update the draw api (ticket 34). This update now passes the clock delta that the pygame clock.tick method gives us. What is great is today I even used the sed command to apply the new argument to the draw methods in the code. I am glad that I have finally be able to use sed and I hope to be using it more often in the future.

I also quickly added a frame rate display to the game engine (changeset 268cc24...). To activate/deactivate the frame rate display, simply open the game console (ctr+w) and type in the command fps.

Apart from a bunch of other things going on, I changed my gnome look a bit following a few suggestions from one of fran's blog posts. Basically it takes some of the neat features of ubuntu's remix and leaves some of its drawbacks behind. That with gnome-do is a great combination.

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