Monday, May 10, 2010

Pythonic Pipeline

Well today my big accomplishment was to convert the pipeline from a configuration string into python objects. This commit finished up ticket 49.

Other then that in ovc land, I have been trying to figure out a nice work around with our rtp bug which seems to be an upstream bug which was recently fixed. Now we need to wait for it to be released and mainstream. Until then, we have been playing with trying to find a work around. It looks like we can hardcode the header into the code, which I would like to avoid. This means at the moment I'm trying to find a nice way to get the caps and pass them through our existing telepathy connection.

Some other news, this week we will be doing some use testing with our target audience, people who are able to communicate with American Sign Language. This will be great to get some feedback about our video quality and hopefully some suggestions that could improve usability.

Aside from working on Open Video Chat, I have been doing some updates to We now have better multimedia support with photo and video albums as well as a module that can support audio files correctly.

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