Thursday, May 27, 2010

Media Wiki Visualization Update

I haven't had too much time to work on the visulization, but I have added a notable feature. Now when the visualization loads up it requests a list of all the pages on the wiki. This allows the user to have a better idea on how many pages there are and how few linkages exist.

I think another major feature I need to add is a way to keep track of categories for every page. That will allow it to look a bit more linked as some wikis rely on the category system as part of its navigation scheme.

I have uploaded another video with this all page list feature.

Friday, May 14, 2010

MediaWiki Visualization

This is a preview of a work-in-progress visualization script that uses the MediaWiki api to visualize users and page edits. This is an example on rit's Ritpedia.

The visualization is currently using ubigraph to draw the visualization and a custom python program to generate the data for the graph.

Pages are represented by blue squares and users who edit them are represented by the red diamonds. As pages are edited by a user, they are added to the graph. It also creates nodes for any page that the edited paged linked to.

The second mode disables the users and just shows the pages and how they are linked. Note that this is still a very new wiki.

This visualization can run in almost real-time (pulls updates at a configurable interval).

MediaWiki Visualization Preview

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Started Performance Testing

Well today we have started performance testing which is exciting. We will have our xo's set up over in the NTID building asking students who use American Sign Language to test out our activity and provide feedback on the video quality, as well as some features that they would like to see in future releases of Open Video Chat.

Also uploaded the copy we are testing to

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pythonic Pipeline

Well today my big accomplishment was to convert the pipeline from a configuration string into python objects. This commit finished up ticket 49.

Other then that in ovc land, I have been trying to figure out a nice work around with our rtp bug which seems to be an upstream bug which was recently fixed. Now we need to wait for it to be released and mainstream. Until then, we have been playing with trying to find a work around. It looks like we can hardcode the header into the code, which I would like to avoid. This means at the moment I'm trying to find a nice way to get the caps and pass them through our existing telepathy connection.

Some other news, this week we will be doing some use testing with our target audience, people who are able to communicate with American Sign Language. This will be great to get some feedback about our video quality and hopefully some suggestions that could improve usability.

Aside from working on Open Video Chat, I have been doing some updates to We now have better multimedia support with photo and video albums as well as a module that can support audio files correctly.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting ready for a release

Well things are getting there.  Today I closed up a few tickets and bugs.  We got a new svg logo for our activity (t47) and I wrote a temporary fix for one of our annoying bugs where the video sink would stop playing the video feed (t52).
Now that we have a new logo, we will be able to release the activity.  I am still holding out for a solution to our rtp bug.  While trying to work that bug out, I have been tackling a few smaller issues that we will have work out anyways.

Monday, May 3, 2010

RTP with Theora

It appears that the problem we have been having with theora and rtp is a known bug. After talking on irc, someone has pointed us to a bug report that seems to be the issue we are having. The good news is that it was marked as fixed. The bad news is that it was fixed just three days ago, so there are no builds we can just grab. We may have to build part of the gstreamer pipeline from source just to test and verify that this is indeed the bug.

Well that is my little update. We have been adding tickets, documentation, and starting to build a plan for the remaining few weeks as well as how we want to start back up during the summer quarter.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Dump: OVC and MAFH at Imagine

Here is a little photo dump from our exhibits at Imagine.

Of course, any chance we can get to fix an xo.

Walter Bender @ RIT

Walter Bender, Executive Director of Sugar Labs, gave a presentation for RIT's GCCIS Dean's Lecture Series explaining the reasoning behind the Sugar Operating System and a few advanced features of the OLPC.

The OVC and Fortune Hunter Team.

We got a mention in Mr. Bender's Sugar Digest 2010-05-03.