Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 4 Review

Hey, sorry for the delay in blog posts this week... It has been a bit busy. Unfortunately not as productive as I would like. Our barcamp took a quite a few cycles out of our dev time, but it was worth it. We have also visited interlock twice this week. The second meeting was much more beneficial. We got into a couple of conversations with a few people there about our project and got some good ideas. I think I will have Fran take a look at writing a gstreamer plugin to cut the video size by half efficiently instead of the all purpose one built into the current pipeline. That might reduce the bandwidth and size without killing our processing cycles on the xo. Otherwise, we didn't get as much dev work as I had hoped.

We have also been spending time getting ready for a Boston Barcamp and a Gnome Python Hackfest which will be fun.

Our ASL is coming along. We are still having class twice a week and this week, we also visited the No Voice Zone at RIT. The No Voice Zone is a weekly event where hearing and non-hearing people get together and try to bridge the social barrier and teach/learn some American Sign Language.

I have also been trying to get telepathy and farsight working together... in its current state, the script isn't very reliable. I can get it working part of the time randomly. So I think this weekend, I will trying to find some decent documentation and hopefully re-write the script.

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