Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 4 Review: Video Hack

Video Hack

  • We got video to work using a nasty hack that gstreamer provides.
  • This hack was a temporary solution to allow us to test the encoding and decoding of the video.
  • After updating our xo's, we were able to test it with xvimagesink. This sink gets about double the frame rate of ximagesink which will be helpful.
  • It is currently using the theora codec, which the xo systems seem to have trouble with. Future optimization will be needed.

Cleaner Video

  • We have been looking into streaming video the correct way. We plan to use farsight and telepathy to complete this task.
  • The example code we have from the original video chat activity is unusable. It used binary copies of telepathy, gstreamer, and farsight which makes it hard to understand and ugly.
  • We found some sample Code that is understandable. We just need to get it working and then try to port it into our code.

Story Telling


  • On Saturday, we attended barcamp and gave a small talk about our project and other things that RIT does in the foss community.

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