Monday, April 26, 2010

Theora + Gstreamer + RTP = Annoyed

Well I am a bit annoyed at the moment. I have been trying all day to get rtp working in gst pipeline with theora. I have been able to get rtp and h264 working together, but no luck when it is using theora. I have been asking around on the gstreamer IRC channel on freenode with no real responses. My only renaming guess is it may have something to do with the caps filter on the receiving pipeline or there is a bug.

I have been testing this outside of my code just using gst-launch. A shell script using h264 can be found in the git repo.

This is a blocker in my opinion to release on as having it work some of the times with the solution to retry the connection until it works is unacceptable. Hopefully I can get this figured out soon.

Other news, we have been getting ready for Imagine this weekend.

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Kapil Agrawal said...

May I know what pipeline are you using. I will try helping you fix.

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