Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still working on rtp and gstreamer

This week we have be working on a bunch of little things here and there. We are playing with some frame rates seeing how the xo handles them. We currently have it running at 15 frames a second pretty well. We can push it to 20 frames a second, but our preview frame takes a hit dropping below a frame a second. This is because the preview is using ximagesink which is not hardware accelerated.

We are currently working on getting RTP to work so that we can sync our header packets. We have been asking in the gstreamer irc chat room without much of a response. If we get this working, we will be able to merge both pipelines into one pipeline and therefore one xvimagesink because there will be no race conditions for the header packet. With that we may be able to push 25 frames a second which would be a real accomplishment.

Tomorrow I am planing on packaging our activity. I really hope to have the RTP working by then, but that might need to wait for future release.

On another note, os build 120 was released the other day and fixed our screen tearing and xvimagesink issues with our code. This means slightly better frame rates and image quality. Kudos to everybody making this patch available!

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Unknown said...

Come back on #gstreamer :) Had a quick look at the OVC code and the pipelines are suboptimal indeed (missing some queues in strategic places for ex). Latest GStreamer (0.10.28) will also give you a decent speed boost too for embedded platforms.

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