Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Started Remote Testing

At our hackfest the other day, we were trying to test Open Video Chat across state lines. With some minor luck, we were able to see video from D.C. Unfortunately, we were not able to get our video to them. Today I we gave it another try, and I found one of the problems we were having. Our code was querying eth0 for its associated ip address. This means our code was not working when someone was using another device to connect to the net, like a USB Ethernet adapter. I was able to commit a fix that would search the device list for the first one it can get an ip address for.

This is not completely ideal as it should just be able to use telepathy without having to deal with ip addresses. In the codes current stage, it still will have problems with being behind a nat as its external ip address would be different then its associated address.

We have one more critical bug to work out, then later this week I expect to release a beta copy on activities.sugarlabs.org. So keep an eye out!

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