Monday, April 5, 2010 updates and test code

Today I did some work with our landing page. I updated the news aggregator so that it now supports images and added some new feed sources. After that I added an empire page that will hold our links on the net. It will be uses as a central link list of all things foss at rit. Some links include our accounts we host media and places we syndicate our stories.
I also added a blog feature to allow our members to have their own blogs. Forums and comments have been enabled as well. The goal is to increase activity and participation in foss events at RIT. Next step will be to open up the registration system on the website.

We also started playing with some test code we found last week. We setup the server with two test accounts for the master/slave setup the script uses. We got the audio somewhat working, a bit noisy but it is working both ways. The video is a bit temperamental, it seems to work sometime but other times it gives us problems. The example script can be found in our git repo.

Also look forward to possibly a hack fest! More information coming soon.

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