Friday, April 2, 2010

Episode 4, Interlock, and xvimagesink

Well today we brought over a couple of the 5Linx video phones to Interlock, gave them a few new toys to play with. Earlier I re-flashed our xo's with os build 117 which gives us access to the shiner xvimagesink. This new xvimagesink in the gstreamer pipeline allows for a better frame rate as changing the color system is not needed. While at Interlock, Fran gave the new sink a try, and it doubled our frame rate. This is huge as we are using a nasty hack which is killing our frame rate as it is.

Today I also found a promising code sample that could be useful as it shows how to use telepathy and farsight without the nasty binary hack in the original video chat code. So that may be very useful.

On a great note, our Episode 4 is up!

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