Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Barcamp and Hackfest



We went to OLPC Headquarters for a hackfest.

At the hackfest we were able to get a few major goal completed including a framerate of around 14 to 15 frames a second.

Here is a picture of Remy and Luke chatting! (just before we got it up to 14-15 frames a second)

Checkout out this post by our story tellers: FOSS@RIT goes to OLPC HQ.

We also have another short video of OLPC Headquarters.

Remy DeCausemaker had an interview with the head of HR.


The ovc team went to Barcamp Boston and presented about OVC and other Foss initiatives at RIT. I feel our talk was decent. It felt much shorter then thirty minutes. We will be posting a video of our talk as well as a few other talks we managed to record. That will be posted later in the week.

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