Tuesday, March 16, 2010

XOs Mesh Test and Design Discussions

Well today was just wrapping up some lose ends with rit and paperwork for the co-op. After that we pulled some mac addresses off of the new XO's so that we may get them on the RIT network in the next few days. Just need to wait on ITS to get them on the wireless white list.

We also decided to change the name scheme for the new XO's. Instead of the seven dwarfs, we decided to just use names of the famous gunslingers of the west like Jesse James. We were able to get the new xo's to mesh and share a chat instance. The network screen was temperamental, but it eventually allowed us to connect them and share the activity. I feel that it should more reliable then it is. Oh well, it eventually worked after a few minutes of tinkering.

Tomorrow, we will be conducting smoke tests on the new XO's as well.

Some other good news, we had a chance to talk with our technical mentor Luke Macken about how we are planning to go about this project. Basically we will be planning to use the Collabora python telepathy stack. We are trying to avoid using the current implementation of the video chat program because of the binary telepathy and gstreamer libraries included in the xo. We also hope to code it in a way that will allow it to be run from outside the sugar environment as well.

One last fun note, today we had our first ASL (American Sign Language) class.

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