Wednesday, March 17, 2010

XO Smoke Test

Today we conducted most of the smoke tests for the XO's. All xo's passed the following tests: Camera, Suspend/Resume, File to USB, Activity launch from USB, play ogg in browser, Mesh Network and Chat. We were unable to test the following until they have access to RIT's wireless: Connect to RIT Network, Download/Launch IRC Activity, Connect to School Server. So at the moment we are stalled by ITS. We waiting to figure out an acceptable solution as they are hesitant about adding our machines like they did the last ones. Until our xo's are registered, we can not complete smoke tests or test any code on them that requires a structured network.

We also have a new member joining our team which is great. We hope to have Fran officially added to our team in our wiki/track, and on soon.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to start development and design docs for our project.

Well here are some pictures of our new xo's.

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