Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 3 Review: Chat system

Fix Webcam on 1.5

  • autovideosink seems to be broke
  • Currently using xvideosink

Modularize the code

  • Split up the code into classes that allows easier editing


Even More Hardware

  • 5 Linx Donated 12 of their video phones (10 old and 2 of the new model)
  • Their hardware supposedly runs linux, so some cool hacking might be possible in the near future
  • We are planning on bringing a couple of them to Innerlock Rochester and see what they can do with them

Basic Chat

  • We now have a working chat system
  • Basic join/leave messages, basic chat
  • Need to implement names with the messages, but otherwise things are working well.

Community Help

  • When asking for the community for help, we got a few RTFM's. The manual they were pointing us to had "to be documented" pages in the video section.
  • trose, had a conversation that may be helpful (we will see next week).


  • We recoded episode 3, but as of this moment it is still not online. I'll post a link as soon as I see it

Social Networking

  • Trose also started a facebook fan page for open video chat.

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