Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 3: Hacking

Well today we started hacking on code. Our fist task was to get the Webcam working on the 1.5's again. It seems they changed something in gstreamer where the autovideosink was no longer working. Thanks to Fran, we were able to get it working with xvideosink. It is not as nice as the auto sink, but it will do the trick.

Next task was to start splitting up the activity into modules like the network stack and gui. That is where we are right now, getting the networking stack to behave properly with shared activities.

Tomorrow, our task is to get up some documentation for our implementation plan.

I am also probably going to re-flash one of the xo's as it seemed to unload half of its kernel modules and doesn't want to auto load any of the ones needed for the wireless. I figure it will be quicker to do that then to screw around in console to figure it out. (its flash based harddrive takes less then 10 min to reinstall)

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