Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 2: Hardware Summery

It seems this week was focused in getting our hardware setup and tested for our project. We also did some work on our online infrastructure like setup trac.

New XO's

  • 6 New OLPC Xo's arrived Monday
  • Naming theme: Gunslingers of the West: DocHolliday, BillyTheKid, JesseJames, ...
  • Mac Addresses were sent to ITS and now waiting for them to allow them access to the RIT network. (T24)
  • Smoke Tested Them (T25)
  • Requested Developer Keys for the XO's (T26)


We started some basic design documents at the end of the week. Expect to see some code and documents flying out next week.
  • Preliminary design discussion with our technical mentor Luke Macken
  • Feature List
  • Draft Design
    • Collabora python telepathy stack
    • Dual head design to allow non-sugar and sugar versions to work with same base code
    • Hope that non-sugar stack could be used in sugar version to connect with others using services (like an external jabber server or even popular protocols that major chat systems use) instead of point to point mesh

Story Telling

  • Published OVC Update: Episode 2 (T21)
  • We are still trying to get the story telling box running. This is a box that we will use to stream video to access grid. (T9)

Team Update

We would like to welcome Fran Rogers to the OVC Dev team. He was apart of the Blocku Project but decided to move over to the OVC team after some team restructuring. Blocku appears to have been benched at this time.

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