Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 1: Bootstrap Summery

This week's task was to Bootstrap this co-op. I think we have been successful in this regard. We started off by settling down in the innovation center at RIT. We basically claimed a random room by force! We figured that since we are doing a fulltime co-op for RIT, we might as well get an office. So now we have one! We also moved out the small table that was in there and commandeered four of the trapezoid shaped tables and placed them as one large trapezoid table. We also grabbed a few of the nicest chairs in the innovation center (as trose mentioned in his blog post) We also managed to grab a computer that will be hopefully used in the future to broadcast over access grid.

  • Installed Drupal
  • Configured Permissions
  • Ported and added content
  • News Aggregater


  • #openinnovation @
  • foss_bot chat logger. (View Logs)


Code Repository

Mailing Lists

Story Telling


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