Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Screen, SELinux, FOSS@RIT, Drupal and Activity Concept update

Today we experimented with different collaboration techniques and programs that could be useful in the future.  We experimented with a screen capture program called recordmydesktop that could be used to record code development, useful commands, and program demos.  Another program we were playing around with is using the screen command to share a terminal between multiple users.  That was pretty neat, I can see that screen sharing could be helpful if not entertaining.

We also started working on website which will be the landing page of RIT's open source and innovation programs .  Our goal is to have a powerful content management system like Drupal running the website.  After a few hours of trying to set it up, I was reminded why I dislike working on servers running SELinux.  We were unable to get the Drupal system to install correctly because of permission problems.  Tomorrow, we will hopefully get the system working as now we know that SELinux was causing this problem.

On the lines of the Video Chat Activity, today I have a basic webcam viewer running in the sugar environment.  Next step will be to get the video displaying on another computer screen.  I can tell already that we would like to get in contact with someone who understands the gstreamer pipeline.  At this point we will probably be able to get it working, but it would be nice to get someone to help optimize the video so that we can pump out the best picture and frame rate while still having a small enough data stream that will not max out the mesh network.

On another note, I hope that the webcams on the new 1.5 xo's works.  The webcam does not work on my current 1.5, that could be a firmware issue that may have already been fixed.  I guess we will find out sometime next week when we get our new hardware.

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