Monday, March 8, 2010

Open Video Chat Welcome

Well today I have started working on a Video Chat Activity for the XO.  This is through an initiative PEN International.  The goal of this project is to improve the existing (or create a new) Video Chat Activity that will allow it to be used by deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with sign language.  The activity's current frame rate is too choppy and blurry which is problematic.

We have set up some websites to help with this project.  Our source code will be hosted under open-video-chat on Gitorious.  I have copied over the git repo from the old video chat activity and then patched it with the latest packaged code that was four months ahead of the repo.  It appears that when the project was abandoned, someone had updated it to get a working prototype, but did not use the repository.  This annoyed me for two reasons. Some of the changes that were not committed included adding binary libraries.  Another problem is the version in git does not successfully run on the XO and the bundle does.

More info to come.

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