Friday, March 12, 2010

Final Touches to and ovc research

Today was some more drupal tweaks on  Some more content, permission tweaking, and some other administrative tasks.  At this point, I think that we are almost set up and ready to go!

After dealing with the website, I was able to conduct some more research into how to write this Open Video Chat activity.  At this point, I think that we may be able to get away with having the gstreamer pipeline deal with most of the hard work of capturing and transmitting the video over the network.  I seem to have found out that the pipeline has the ability to open up a tcp or udp port to stream the feed.  If this works as I currently understand, we may be able to just start the feed and let the sugar network api deal with the tubes.  Once that is working, the task will be to optimize the video feed for clarity as well as the size for transfer over the mesh network.  Today we visited InnerlockROC and got some good feedback on some possible optimizations and and possible paths this project can take.

On a fun note, our first story/interview has been posted to youtube!

Oh and I found a pic of us sitting in on a Lighting Talk at InnerlockROC on one of their blog posts.

Tomorrow we will be wrapping up our first week. We plan on setting up our wiki and track pages on as well as hope to get a little work on the prototype activity as well.

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