Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FortuneMaker and FortuneHunter Update

Some nice progress on FortuneMaker has been made.  Now the GUI has been updated.  I spent a while figuring out how to use the gtk drawing area widget, which has paid off.  Now the grid is no longer a set of buttons, instead it is a series of images that represent the rooms.  At this moment it only represents non-empty rooms and doors.  Another improvement in the gui is that adding doors has been simplified.  Now you only have to select door type and click in the area of the room you want to add the door (N, S, E, or W).  The gui also adds doors to the connecting rooms.  Overall, FortuneMaker is progressing well.  Next step is to get the rooms to represent items and enemies.

As for FortuneHunter.  We are planning a release later on tonight.  Yesterday, I helped the group reorganize the assets of the game.  This involved removing unneeded files, organizing the file directory, and then going through the code fixing every reference to the files.  Originally, all the files were in one massive directory.  The advantage to this is we were able to find all the unused files made a more organized asset directory.

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