Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FileShare Dev Release 8

This version contains a lot of gui changes. Now it uses the activity toolbar instead of buttons which seems to be standard in the XO world.

It also changes when it connects to the school server. This allows the user to run normally and switch to server mode if a server has been detected.

Change Log:
Fixes bug in blueberry that prevented adding file to share list

Button Changes
* Sugar toolbar with svg icons instead of buttons
* Instead of "File", now using "Object" terminology
* Deactivate buttons that require selection when no files are selected

Throbber Changes
* Mouse now turns into watch when throbber invoked
* Disables window while working

System Behavior Changes
* Check for server starts in new thread during startup (no delay for ui)
  * If server is found, icon is enabled that allows the user to connect.
  * Scrollbars disappear when not needed.

Tree View Changes
* Description is the only thing that by defualt expands
* Treeview code condensed

* Add files from normal mode, switch to server, try to upload file

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