Thursday, January 7, 2010

FileShare Dev Release 6

Well I did a lot of work in the last couple of days in getting a basic server and client system working for integration with the school server.

Now I got a prototype... but it has a few issues with threading downloads (both server and client code). The server can only accept one connection at a time which I will fix soon.  This causes the gui to hang on the client as well... I'm hoping by fixing the server things will go more smoothly, but I think I will need to add a few more threads.

Change log:
Improved how the system holds file records internally by now using a FileInfo class instead of arrays.

Improved the way the GUI internally handled the records.

Added file fail notice to the file list when it failed to download and install. This now allows the user to try to re-download and install the file.

New Feature:
The file share activity supports uploading files to a basic server. If the server is running on the jabber server (which hopefully is the school server) then it will prompt the user if they want to use the server instead of sharing with a peer.

See FileShare.server for the server script if you wish to try it on your own school server.

See Version 6

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