Monday, January 25, 2010

FileShare and FortuneMaker Update

Not too much has happened in the FileShare activity.  I have a new activity icon, but that is about it at the moment.  I may start writing a help system today so that I have a reason to release a new build to update the icon.

At the moment I am working on Fortune Maker which is the new name for the Dungeon Creator I mentioned in an earlier post.  I think I have the backend complete and now I just need to work on improving the system's user interface.  At this moment it is able to save and load dungeons from the xo's journal as well as edit basic rooms through an ugly grid-button system.  This grid-button system shows the user a list of rooms as buttons, they click the button and it brings them to a screen full of dropdown option boxes to configure the room.  This system is a quick prototype to get the backend running, now it needs to be modified.

Next task will be helping out the main MAFH team in loading and deleting files from the journal.

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