Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FileShare Dev Release 3

Today I got the FileShare activity able to keep and resume.  So now when the user closes the activity, it saves its files to the journal.  This can be useful for teachers to build a file list and then share them at a later time.  One advantage to this system is it stores the file stat at the time it was added and not a link.  This means if the file is modified or deleted it does not impact the file in the activity at the time it was saved.

New build: FileShare-3.xo

Here is a change log:
* Moved tmp to instance directory
  * Tmp is kept in ram where instance is kept in flash
    memory and deleted on close.

* Keep/Resume Activity
  * On resume, only shows what files they got if they
    closed as a client
  * Keeps a COPY of each file being shared.  This allows
    it to have the files even if they were removed from
  * If was server and now client, doesn't allow download
    of files they added when they started.

* Install files back to journal
  * Useful if it is a resumed activity.
  * This allows the activity to also be shaired and they
    will have copy of all files which they can install to
    the journal if they wish.

  client downloads file, disconnects, server removes file,
  re-adds file (after changing it), client re-connects (resumes),
  the client will not know that the file changed and not allow
  them to download the new one.
  Work around: close the activity and delete it's entry in the journal
  when re-connecting, it will allow all downloads as expected.

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