Friday, December 11, 2009

File Share Activity Initial Dev Release

A lot has happened today.  After hours of debugging and a few chats on the sugarlab's irc channel, I have finally gotten a version of the code that seems to be stable enough for people to test and preview.  Because of this a few things have happened:

First I created a wiki page ( for this specific activity instead of just using the one for my server code (which will need to be rewritten).

I also created a group page for the activity on Google Groups ( This group page will host discussions, bug reports, as well as XO activity files.  This group also holds some screenshots.

Afterward, I uploaded an xo build to the group page which can be found here:

And to end the day, I submitted an announcement to the sugar-devel mailing list. An archive of this email can be found here: as well as on the activities Google Group page.

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