Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dec 10: File Share Activity Update

The file share activity seems to be moving along now and it is able to transfer more types of files then last update.

Bugs Fixed
Server crashes when adding files that don't exists.  This was fixed by adding a check to the journalbundleentry file. Fixed Commit

Problem unzipping large files.  This bug was actually a problem with transferring non-installed files.  Example, xo files.  There was a bug in the journalbundleentry file where if the journal entry does not have an activity id or an id from the data store, it had an empty id.  This empty id was problematic when building the zip xo file.  This was fixed by building our own id for the file as we are building the xoj file.  Fixed Commit

Fixed the problem with sending the file list between the xo and the soas.  The problems were caused by the xo using hacked up and old libraries that gave many problems.  After a few hours trying to fix them I decided to just substitute the existing json with simplejson.  Then I switched my initial file transfer to json instead of pickle as well.

New Bugs Found
Some files have problem installing some transmitted files (for example, the log activity).  This will require some more research

Only one transfer can be conducted at a time.  After the transfer is complete, the tube is left in an unusable state.  The server will need to create more tubes when the tube is taken and then the client needs to release the tube after the transfer.

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